What's the best way to speed up a pulse scan?

1. 1). Spooky2 Pulse cannot read through fingernail Polish. If present, it can read sideways through the finger tip.

2). If the red light is not blinking with the pulse, it is not reading correctly. Your displayed scan frequency will not advance until placement (photoplethysmograph) is corrected.

3). You can also adjust the frequency range for a shorter test.

4). The very best solution is GeneratorX. The scan speed and versatility of this machine make it very highly desirable.

2. If you only use Pulse scan with XM Generator, I suggest that you could take quarter scans for your mother each time.

3. I have issues with pulse and finger clip often if I scan in the morning or early afternoon, while late afternoon, night, my blood flow seems much smoother and pulse reads it easily. You have to check the graph and the pulse light, it has to blink accordingly to the heartbeat. If the blinking is sluggish, irregular, it means it's not able to catch the correct heartbeat and it simply does not keep scanning, but it's stuck. Try different positions for the clip, I find that it works better if the small reading dot is placed on the terminal end of the fingernail, also it works better if the arm lays down under the level of the heart, probably because that increases blood pressure. If the reading works fine, to me it takes only 45 minutes to make a Full scan.

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