What can I do when Spooky2 lock up (freeze) when I run a pulse scan?

The first thing to check is the cable from USB to Pulse. This is a standard mini USB cable often used for digital cameras, you might have a spare one to try.

Also, try the Utils menu, Identify USB Devices. The pulse is an HID (Human Interface Device) and should show up as a Fitcare 700 if the connection is good.

It must be plugged into the computer directly not through a hub.

If you can run Device Manager, keep it on screen, then connect the Pulse to USB you should see the Pulse install as HID compliant... device under Human Interface Devices.

I have just checked that Identify USB utility which is USBview.exe does not show Fitcare as maker, but it shows correctly the PID and VID as 0642 and 0007. (Product and Vendor IDs) this could be due to a change in the international records of registered USB devices which must all have different PID and ViD for the operating system to recognize them. So it is no longer listed as "Fitcare".

For more details, please check the link:

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