Why zero amplitude being shown during pulse biofeedback scans?

Please ensure that Amplitude Ramp = 0

When this is set to anything other than 0, the output will always be 0 V as it never has enough time to ramp up to the voltage you set the program to -- the frequencies constantly changing.

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  • The question is: Why zero amplitude being shown during pulse biofeedback scans? The answer given is to "Please ensure that Amplitude Ramp = 0

    I don't find "Amplitude Ramp" in Settings or on the Control screen. 

  • I have carefully tried to do a biofeedback scan and although it seems to be set up correctly, when I start the scan, after about 5 seconds it turns off. Also the screen only showed the hits on one occasion and after that it never showed the graph or color or color change. When the scan stops I hear a sound like a switch and when I check the "Identify Generators" in the "Utils" tab it indicates that the scan is on, but nothing happens. There is also an uncomfortable delay of over 5 seconds when I select anything,  for example if I press Stop or Pause or try to open the "Util" tab, etc. I uninstalled Spooky2 and downloaded and reinstalled it again and it still continues to do the  above.


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