What is the best range of frequencies to test yourself for when doing biofeedback scan?

1. There are no original Rife frequencies over 4 MHz. You can follow them to do biofeedback can.  Approximate ranges are:

Moulds and mycotoxins 75 - 215KHz
Bacteria and most viruses 275 - 450KHz
Protozoa, roundworm, and flatworm 325 - 480KHz
Warts 400 - 475KHz
Tapeworms 425 - 515KHz
Mites 675 - 880KHz

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2. A waveform like square waves has harmonics which go higher. The biofeedback presets take advantage of this to cover a large range of frequencies. However, harmonics do not go lower. So it is best for the user to scan from the lowest frequency to the first odd harmonic which a square wave will produce. For example, 75 kHz to 215 kHz is a good range to scan.


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