Did Biofeedback reverse lookup and Spooky says I have Gigantism, how do I stay small like normal people someone please help me I don't want to be a giant.

1. Run the Program from the scan. The Reverse Lookup is not a diagnostic, just a list of Programs where the frequencies (or Octaves) exist.

2. Independent reviews of spooky2 rate it highly, but some reviews say its diagnostics are not so good.

The reverse look-up sometimes gives too much information, and your scan results can give information about frequencies that are linked to your scanned 'top hits' , but may not be relevant to you. The settings can be tweaked: octave and% tolerance. This can help.

Practice and experience can help to make sense of reverse look up.

Reverse look-up comes more into its own, when you want to find out if something has gone.

So, you are targeting Bartonella, and you do a general Lyme scan to test whether Bartonella has gone. Putting your scanned 'top hits' into reverse look-up, will quickly tell you if there's any Bartonella.

For more details, please check the link:

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