I know I should start with the smallest organisms first to avoid killing a larger one containing smaller ones inside. When you run a kill program on the scan results, how do you know you're not killing off larger pathogens first?

1. You don't know what the biofeedback is targeting, except that the body said it was the highest responding frequencies. I am relying on DB and JW when they say that this is the body saying this is what it needs and that it doesn't lie.

If a bunch of smaller pathogens get released while running one scan results program, the next scan should pick them up and go at it next week.

2. I look forward reading other responses on the subject. I am in a similar place, and have been taking it slowly with Rifing and using my Spooky2 gens. Not sure if what I am doing is the best path. I have Gut issues as well and have been afraid to really go after it as I don't know how to do the Small to large thing. So here is what I am doing for now. I ran the Terrain 11 day program 3 times to get my detox pathways functioning better. I definitely needed multiple runs. I am now running the older version of the Morgellons and Lyme 2.0 (from the files section) it is 53 days on 4 gens. I am on day 20 (I've taken a few breaks) and once that is done I am going to do the Biofeedback, dowsing and run leaky gut/candida programs both in contact and remote and work on rebuilding my gut bacteria. Then run the Morgellons and Lyme 3.0 if it seems like I need it. I don't know if my plan is a good one or not time will tell. I understand the fear of jumping into the biofeedback and releasing something that makes us worse. I am using Ionic foot baths, taking activated Charcoal and citrus pectin to support detoxing. If you start to feel bad take time to detox and let your system clear out as needed. It is important to get good probiotic supplements and eat probiotic rich raw foods as we start cleaning and rebuilding our systems . I am on about day 20 of the M&L 2.0 protocol, so time will tell.

3. I feel "safe" running the biofeedback scan in as a program because it literally is my body telling me what it wants to work on next. It feels to me to be a safe and manageable way to proceed - providing of course that I am taking care of detox pathways as best I can.

If your husband's program triggered you to clear H Pylori Danielle, then I think that's ok too - things happen for a reason and having H Pylori sitting waiting to erupt at a future point in time is not really desirable anyway, so good to get it out now I reckon.
Mine is not a very scientific approach to these types of "mistakes" but having this mindset allows me to see the positives rather than falling into any kind of a panic about such things.

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