How do I run a grade scan for all Lyme and coinfection strains to see which ones affect me?

If you select Lyme & Morgellons->Morgellons & Lyme v3.0->Contact you will have 83 presets. Each preset contains a list of programs.
If you select the first preset you will see a list of the following programs in the programs list box. Use your mouse to select all the listed programs and copy them and save them in say Notepad (text editor).
Programs in "C01 Metals and Chemicals - DB" preset:
Arsenic as (XTRA)
Mercury Toxicity V (CAFL)
Heavy Metal Toxicity (XTRA)
Pesticide Detox (CAFL)..
Detox Fluoride 2 (XTRA)
Detox Fluoride (XTRA)
Calcifications (XTRA)
Detox Matrix (XTRA)

Next select GX Grade Scan (C) - JW preset and load the above listed programs and run the Grade scan. Save the BFB scan "hit" results with a meaning name to you. Repeat the process for each of the Morgellons & Lyme v3.0 presets.
The graded hits from each preset can now be run in a Shell Preset of your choice.
Thats quite a lot of effort to do that for 83 presets! Simpler to just run the Presets as is.

For more details, please check the link:


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