Why does Spooky2 software report in Test Mode when running pulse biofeedback scan?

This is because Spooky2 does not see your Pulse device. You must connect the Pulse device to a USB port on the computer, not a hub, before you start Spooky. If you attach it after you start Spooky, you can use the "Rescan Device" menu command in the Utils menu to find the Pulse.

To see if Spooky sees your Pulse device, look in the System tab under the "Connected Hardware" list box to see if the Spooky Pulse is detected.


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  • To solve this problem with my GENX's in test mode (may have inadvertently clicked pulse rather than GenX to cause this): Easy fix- I clicked on the RESET button inside of the control panel. It asked me if I was sure? I answered yes. Next, I scrolled down to the UTILITY DROP DOWN MENU at the top left of the screen. I selected Rescan Generators. It worked! You should be able to just start selecting your program. Any trouble, restart your computer. Big aloha hugs! Licia


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