More information about Superprogram 1, Superprogram 2 and Superprogram 3.

1.The frequencies marked as RUSS are taken mainly from a product called Trinity by Russian company BioMedis.

Here are the descriptions for the three "super" programs included in Trinity:

Superprogram 1
Coordinates the basic body functions at different levels. Appropriate for a variety of health disorders, like ones with unclear, or complex etiologies, such as allergies, poisoning, injuries and burns, as well as the general weakness of the body. It can also be used for both prevention and treatment for all diseases.

Superprogram 2
Antialiases particular situations involving the spasm of smooth muscle fibers which are predominantly in arteries and hollow organs (gastrointestinal, urinary, respiratory, etc.).

Superprogram 3
It is mainly directed against inflammatory and degenerative disorders of the body.

2.My suggestion is that you could do a BFB Grade Scan on yourself using each superprogram and save the BFB scan results. After that you can load the scan results into a generator and run Analyze - Reverse Lookup and see if you can find a common thread in the results.

For more details, please check the link:


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