Do you all do detox at the same time of healing or killing?

1. A general rule of thumb is to do some sort of detox alongside any killing, though it's not strictly necessary. When it comes to healing, I don't believe you need to do any detox alongside it. The reason why it's recommended to do detox whenever you run a killing program is so that it helps the body expel the unwanted waste generated by killing whatever pathogens you're getting rid of, otherwise there is a chance it could get reabsorbed into the body before it has time to get expelled. I've read some people using "binders" such as charcoal to help "grab onto" the unwanted waste and help it out of the body, though I don't know the specifics of what they use or how it works exactly. I also can't recommend which specific detox programs to run for what issue – I imagine if you're doing work on the liver, then a liver detox alongside it would help, though there may be other detox programs you should also look into. I haven't much knowledge in the area.

2. There's a great detox program that you'll find in the Morgellons and Lyme section - called the All Maintenance program. If you have someone who is sensitive, this will help. Also, under programs, Detox 3 and 4 have been useful for me. All the detox programs still need for the person to drink the necessary water to flush the toxins from the body.

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