Killing or healing? Which to choose?

Generally speaking, when deciding which types of frequency to run in the Spooky2 generator, you must understand what caused or triggered your health problem beforehand. First, look at the name of the program/preset and the description attached to it. If the program/preset has the word “disease” attached to it, it’s highly likely to be caused by a pathogen. With a pathogen-related program/preset, it is usually a good idea to run the frequencies in Killing Mode. Bacterial, viral, or other biological factors may also indicate the frequencies are more effective in Killing Mode.

Healing Mode would apply to almost everything else that is not targeting a pathogen in the Spooky2 database. For instance, detox is more of a body-cleaning process without eliminating pathogens or bacteria. When you run a detox program, the frequencies are removing toxins and assisting the natural detox system in your body. You are not eliminating a pathogen in the process. Therefore, a Healing Mode is more suitable in this case. Energy-balancing programs, such as Chakra and physical toning (i.e. Songs of the Spine), should also run in Healing Mode.

Programs related to autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are special cases because they usually require both the Killing and Healing Mode. If you’re not sure, you can use Universal Square H-Bomb which is suited for killing or Healing - If in doubt you can use this preset with confidence. It is not stronger, it is just universal shell preset.


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