MW Sodium Chlorite aka MMS.

Experimental Molecular Frequencies for MMS aka SODIUM CHLORITE - USE AT OWN RISK -

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Drink extra filtered water.
Preset Dwell Multiplier = 0.167 Increase dwell multiplier in small increments the next day. Run the program once per day and stop program immediately if side effects become noticeable.

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Chemical Names: SODIUM CHLORITE; 7758-19-2; Textone; Chlorous acid, sodium salt; Chlorite sodium; Textile More...
Molecular Formula: NaClO2 or ClNaO2
Molecular Weight: 90.438 g/mol

Toxicological Information


WEIGHT-OF-EVIDENCE CHARACTERIZATION: Under the current guidelines (USEPA,1986), chlorite is classified as Group D; not classifiable as to human carcinogenicity because of inadequate data in humans and animals. Under the draft Carcinogen Assessment Guidelines (USEPA, 1996), the human carcinogenicity of chlorite cannot be determined because of a lack of human data and limitations in animal studies. Chronic oral studies in rats showed no evidence of carcinogenic activity of chlorite ... Mouse studies showed an increase in liver and lung tumors in treated male mice.... No increases in tumor incidence were seen in female mice in this study. Chlorite did not act as a complete carcinogen in a 51-week dermal carcinogenicity assay in mice. In the same study, chlorite induced skin tumors following initiation by DMBA, but the increase was not statistically significant. Chlorite has shown both positive and negative results in in vitro and in vivo genotoxicity assays. HUMAN CARCINOGENICITY DATA: None ANIMAL CARCINOGENICITY DATA: Inadequate. /Based on former classification guidelines/


Suggestion - If killing bugs in stomach drink say 8oz glass of filtered water immediately before running preset. Maintain extra hydration for the next hour or two.
General comments about the safe use of Chlorine Dioxide
Diabetes & MMS
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Miracle Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, MMS or the CD protocol,[1] is a toxic solution of 28%[2] sodium chlorite in distilled water. The product contains essentially the same ingredient as industrial-strength bleach before "activation" with a food-grade acid. The name was coined by Jim Humble in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century.[3] A more dilute version is marketed as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS).[4],281,2968
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Remote frequencies for SODIUM CHLORITE sub-harmonics 63-87 (25 frequency steps)

Remote Preset
MW Sodiun Chlorite (MMS) Remote.txt

Contact frequencies for SODIUM CHLORITE sub-harmonics 62-87 (26 frequency steps)

Contact Preset
MW Sodiun Chlorite (MMS) Contact.txt

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