How to imprint your water with your remote, PEMF coil and cold laser?

Yes, a lot of people know how to use the remote so i wont go into this matter.
There are very professional manuals written and extra info's by many.
And we all know about sandwiching the DNA samples, but a scalar wave is a scalar wave. So a carrier of all freqs.

BUT instead of buying expensive extra by others like for example scalar wave antenna's and imprinting tools, you can use these SPOOKY2 tools as super combined imprinting tools together with your pemf coil and cold laser.

You can imprint your water with your remotes, the scalar wave BN transmitters.
These scalar waves transmit electric, magnetic AND light freqs.
And you can combine it with the pmf coil and cold lasers. Place it in layers of wood or carton (you can build yourself a cage to put these one on one on top and at the upper level a wood layer for your crystal very thin glass in which you can put your to imprint water or your DNA samples) and the glass above it.

And then run your freqs to imprint by different generators.
Gen1 > Remote BN
Gen2 > PMF coil
Gen3 > Cold laser

The strongest combination ever to imprint your water

IT WOULD BE NICE IF A BIGGER REMOTE WAS MANUFACTURED. One which has the distance between the sandwich layers in which a glass could be seated, the pemf coil and the cold lasers....

For more details, please check the link:

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