Trying to use my generator and install the drivers in a virtual Windows xp on Linux system. The driver program says it's installed the drivers but each time I start Spooky I get the prompt saying my generator detected..install drivers?

1. While not knowing what version of Linux you are running, or the virtualization software you are also using, what I can comment on is what needs to happen in order for this setup to work.

The generator drivers installed on in the virtual WinXP installation, need to bind to the USB ports. These USB ports in the WinXP environment are not real, but a virtual driver in themselves.

The virtual USB drivers have to map to the real USB port drivers on your version of Linux which is usually taken care of by the virtualization software you are running.

If any part of this communication route is broken, the generator drivers (which are actually virtual serial port drivers over USB), won't be able to see the communication chips on the generator.

So while it may look perfect inside WinXP (no yellow exclamation points), it may go no further than the WinXP OS when trying to route out to the real USB ports.

You may wish to test that the USB pathway is fully functional by testing with say a USB storage dongle. If you can insert this and see the drive come up in WinXP, then at least you know that this pathway is working.

If at this point you are still unable to bind the generator drivers successfully, then it may be a matter of the virtual USB routing not supporting a function that the generator drivers require.

2. When you have Device Manager open with the generators connected can you see a "Ports" entry?

I suspect the drivers are not able to write to the XP registry. The unique vendor and product IDs with various parameters must be installed in the registry for the XP to recognize the USB to Serial Silabs chip CP2102, which is in the generator, as it is connected.

Sometimes it is possible to use regsvr32.exe to do this, but as the driver installation has failed I think it unlikely, however you may be able to look up how to try this.

For more details, please check the link:

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