I'm currently doing a detox session where out 2 is the inverted saw tooth and is connected to remote BN. The out 1 is the inverse and sync and is connected to remote MN. Each of these signals are different and won't be canceling each other. Right?

Inverse + sync is under the Out 2 column. In this column, you only select One item. So either you choose a waveform or choose inverse + sync, but not both. You can experiment and try clicking a waveform and inverse + sync, and you will see that the mark on the waveform would disengage.

You may use different waveforms for Outs 1 and 2 simultaneously with one remote on each Out. No need for use of inverse+sync. If you choose your waveform from the dropdown menu, and invert a waveform under the "I" column, they will be combined as you will see on the third window of the waveform display. What you lose without the Inverse + sync, is the doubling of the amplitude. As the User's Guide indicated, remote will still be effective with a low amplitude, you may read it from page 49 of the Guide:

If you decide to use a boost cable, and use Follow Out 1, then you will have cancellation if you do not alter Out 2. This can be done as follows: Click on Follow Out 1. This will give you access to Out 2 Controls where F2=F1 x 1+ .01Hz (Scoon effect) or F2=F1 x 11 + 0Hz.

I notice you are experimenting with the BN and MN use at the same time. You may take a look at this thread where experimenters show how they use it. See the screenshots at:

To be honest with you, I use a no fail setting most of the time with Offset of 100% and -100% with boost cable and inverse sync. My amplitude is between 5 and 10 as the boost will double it. This is depending on the waveform I use (some are given ready to be used with no additional settings to be made).

For more details, please check the link:

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