I read that ticking the 'reducing amplitude' button with remote can be a good idea (4-20 volts?) But I see it's not already ticked in these terrain presets? H bomb wavelength is the way to go isn't it!

As for the reduce amplitude option, this is designed for contact treatments and generally is not used for remote.

The reduce amplitude lowers the amplitude for frequencies under the threshold limit only, and is on a linear scale. Meaning, if you had your amplitude set to 20v and use the default of < 10 kHz, frequencies from say 1 - 3000 will be reduced to 10v, 3000-5000 would be reduced to say between 11-14v, and so on. I don't actually have the exact values in my head.

However, what I wanted to illustrate is that with a remote, there's not much to gain from a reduced amplitude for just select frequencies. There is much to gain from this in contact, as frequencies below 10 kHz are generally the only ones that you are going to feel (interacting with the nervous system) and the danger of having too much amplitude causing muscle seizures or very uncomfortable sensations is higher.

Either change the amplitude for the entire program, or allow it to run at the default would be my best advise.

With the Square H Bomb waveform, also be aware that the use of 20v is recommended, as the main waveform runs at 1/4 the maximum amplitude we set. It is the spikes at the start and end of the waveform that take on the amplitude we specify.

So at 20v, the nominal amplitude of the Square H Bomb waveform is 5v.

For more details, please check:

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