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Are all the Spooky subsystems safe for pacemakers, other electric implants or metal replacements?

All of the methods Spooky uses to apply frequencies to the body are reviewed in detail below.

Spooky Remote
Spooky Remote is possibly the safest means of applying healing frequencies to the body. If you have metal heart stint and want to do a metal detox, it's safe to use Spooky remote. Metal used in surgeries and implants are very stable. They do not deteriorate or change composition over time. Titanium and stainless are two such examples. It is perfectly safe to run the detox protocols with stints, staples, pins, or other metallic objects in the body.

However, it is generally considered best not to rife while pregnant, remote or otherwise. The baby is carrying a portion of the mother's DNA, it is possible the baby will be affected.

Spooky Contact Mode
Electronic implants like pacemakers can be problematic when using contact mode. Also, metal implants may make contact mode uncomfortable. Electricity applied to the body will always strongly affect something as conductive as metal, and it can even cause it to ionize if the voltage is too high. Using the correct Spooky Boost output port prevents this.

Spooky Plasma
Safe for use with pacemakers, other electronic implants and metal replacements. The frequencies pass easily through cells. However it is not recommended to run overnight sets for people with pacemakers.

Spooky Ultrasonic
Safe for those with pacemakers, other electronic implants and metal replacements. Sound is not magnetic or electric by nature. No electronics will be affected with the high frequencies emitted by the ultrasonic transmitter.

Spooky PEMF Coil
Because of the magnetic component of the signal, PEMF is NOT safe for use with pacemakers, other electronic implants and metal replacement.

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