I see there are 2 channels running. "Out 1" (Square H-Bomb) and "Out 2" (Inverse+Sync) are different in the software green box and also directly on the LED display of the generator. I only got 1 magnet connected. What is happening with CH2?

That is no problem - you have it set up correctly for the terrain protocol.

The Boost unit combines the Out1 and Out2 of a generator into both the BN and MN output. Since you have a BN remote you have attached it to the BN output correctly.
In normal cases you only have one magnet remote connected to the Boost at any one time.

FYI: There is a slight mix-up with terminology with the word "channel".
1) In the Spooky2 software a Channel (PINK BUTTON) refers to an XM generator (which in turn has TTL_IO, Ext.In, Out1, Out2 BNC connections); (Then with boost Out1 and Out2 are then combined into a single output called BN)

2) On the face-plate of the XM generator it reads "2 Channel Signal Generator".
To make life simpler; disregard the use of the word Channel on the generator face-plate (2); and just think of it as having two outputs.

For more details, please check the link:

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