Could someone enlighten me to Status Bar figures and the Error and Warnings Page?

1. 13 read errors means that 13 responses were not received by the computer. How bad this is depends on how long a period this is over. For instance, if you have had the Spooky software running for 10 minutes with 1 generator running and have 13 errors, I would say this is a problem.

However, if you have had the software running for 3 weeks straight with 8 generators running and have 13 errors, it would be much harder to tell due to not knowing when the errors came in - but it is much less of a problem than scenario #1.

2. The 13 errors represent 13 unanswered commands. The error count is from the startup of the current run of the software. So anytime since you started this current "run" of the software, the 13 errors have occurred, but it is not possible just from this number to know when the errors happened. The user needs to look at the Errors and Warnings screen under the Utils heading to see when the errors occurred - ie., how much spacing there was to see if the errors were essentially random or all bunched together. This is just a date/time/Channel stamp, so it doesn't inform of the frequency, etc., of the Ch.

3. Each error represents one command during a set, so 1 frequency or voltage change(I'm not sure how much change can be effected by one command) did not get responded to. It doesn't guarantee that the command was not received by the gen., just that the response was not received by the computer. Only if there are continuous errors from one generator would it be that the comm. to that Ch. is not functioning at all and therefore the whole set is compromised.

4. Cause of errors could be numerous, but most common is either noise or excess traffic. One cause can be having several channels running a Fibonacci series, so there is quite a lot of traffic and some of the commands get "trampled". A slow USB hub can be a source of errors.There may be many other causes that I haven't listed here.

As you can see from the Errors shown, this is from a period of ~2.5 days. Errors are from 3 generators, so it isn't just one channel or generator. Most of the errors are basically randomly spaced, except maybe the 4/13 3:19 until 3:38:54 where 7 errors occurred. It is possible there was some high traffic sequence in the sets, some background noise that affected some part of the system, etc., that happened during this 20 minute period to cause this many errors across the 3 gens.

For more details, please check:

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