How to choose the key word for my diseases when searching in Spooky2 software?

If you can't find the relevant frequency for your disease, please try the below.

1. It may differ from British English to American English. Please note that US spelling
is used throughout the database - for example it's "normalize" instead of "normalise" and "hemorrhage" and "edema" instead of "haemorrhage" and "oedema".

2. In general, partial words often work better than complete ones - "stimulat" will find "stimulate", "stimulatory" and "stimulation". Or you can try to type half of the word to see if there are results coming out. For example, if you search "Scleredema" in our software, there will be no results, but if you use "Sclerosis" to search, you will find many of them.

3. You can search the disease on Wikipedia to see if it has other names. For example, if you search "Zika Fever" in our software, there will be no results, but if you use "Dengue Fever" to search, you will find them.

4. Sometimes some diseases are associated with other pathogens, so you can search frequencies for these associated ones. For example, Lyme is coinfection. You can start from one of the infections.

5. You can also find the source of the disease, then target it. For example, you get flu as your immune system is weak. You can also running frequency for immune system.

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