Which waveform to use in Rife, Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Inverse Sawtooth, Triangle, Damped Sinusoidal, Damped Square, H-Bomb Sinusoidal, H-Bomb Square?

Sine: the gentle curve of the sine wave’s amplitude makes it suitable for healing. Its trajectory is the purest form of energy/ motion, and you will see its shape throughout the natural world. Best for high frequencies, where it will also kill efficiently.

Square: the abrupt rises and falls in amplitude coupled with long peaks and troughs make this wave very suitable for killing pathogens. However, it’s also effective for healing, especially if low frequencies are used.

Sawtooth: up to now, this does not have a history in Rife, so it’s still considered largely experimental. However, our experiments so far have shown that it’s a very effective waveform to use for healing.

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