Why do I not have any DH killing/healing options in my Program Preset? I only have JW.

John White includes his presets with the software, which is easy for him to do as he also is the one who writes and packages it up. He can then assure that the presets are up to date with the current revision of the software.

DH is the initials of another end user who early on published his settings on the user forum. They proved to be unique enough and with efficacy that they are recorded in many of the user guides and protocol guides as a valid alternative setup to the standard square wave.

Prior to JW adding his presets to the program, there was just the default settings of a square wave to start with and one would have to take the time to try other settings out. The guides only had screen shots from which the end user would have to build the settings from.

While it may be a bit of time and energy invested to setup the DH settings from the screenshot, it can be saved afterwards as a preset for easy recall.

By building it out, you will gain valuable experience, and as the software matures, you will be in a better position to adapt the settings as required.

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