Run a spectrum between 100kHz and 300 kHz. Set up a converge sweep from 100kHz to 200kHz but I alter the constant in out2=-out1+300 to 400. The reverse sweep then goes from 300 to 200. With multiple generators you could do most of the work in parallel?

I believe your idea works from a technical point of view. It is an approach worth trying. Another approach to the same problem is to time-stagger the same sweep across multiple generators and set them all to repeat.

I have not had any results with this approach to date; so spectrum sweep is on my back-burner; and I'm hoping someone will get some results!

As for "problems" I can see.
I'm not sure if blasting an area with "noise" (a wide block of frequencies) should be viewed in the same way as targeting the frequencies individually - its a different treatment idea; not a time-saving way to do the same thing.

In the case of music, several notes together (chord) have more of an effect (beneficial or otherwise) on our hearing than a single one; but too many notes then become noise. I suspect the DNA receptors have a similar limitation.

There are some others who hold the view that notes have to be played in a certain order to produce the desired effect.

For more details, please check the link:

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