How to create a Spectrum Sweep for 1-15000 Hz/180sec.

A1:You can do it over a manual input of the XM-5 generator without spooky.

Go to the main menu of the generator.

(Press F1 several times until the menu shows: "Info, CH1, Func, CH2, Mem")
Press CH1
Press 2 x DOWN
Select SWEP

There you can input the sweep time.

If you press SMOD you can do a sweep of the (D.) Duty cycle, the (A.) Amplitude or the (F.) Frequency.
The XM-5 do a sweep by himself (no need for a USB connection) if you press RUN.
(Yes. This is not the same as a spectrum sweep done by spooky but it's "a sort of a spectrum sweep".)

A2:The main difference between a spectrum sweep and a normal sweep is that spectrum sweep runs over the sweep range with more that one frequency simultaneously. The number of simultaneous freqs is set with the WCM parameter. If you want 100 simultaneous child freqs, then use a WCM of 50 (100freqs/2).

Its working principle is very dense, but essentially, it applies a progressive deformation to the new composed waveform (after applying the WCM), so all the subwaveforms are not equal, and then, you get all the different freqs simultaneously.

If you want a sweep from 1 to 15,000Hz, then the calculated range is 7459.062-7540.938Hz, as you already noticed. If you chose a WCM of 96, then, when you run the set you could see that the range shown in the generator's display is divided by 96, that is, 77.699-78.551.
Don't let these numbers confuse you. What you're actually getting are 192 simultaneous sweeps from 1 to 15000Hz.

If you want only one simultaneous sweep, then you can use the incorporated feature when making a database set: you can specify the freq as

With this dwell time, you get a speed of 0.1665 Hz/sec, which leads to a application time of 180 secs for each interval of 0.025%. This means that every interval of 0.025% of a given freq is treated during 180 secs.

For more details, please check the link:

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