I can not find my database in software?

You can install a database. There are two different file formats for databases used in Spooky2 – DAT and CSV. The DAT format is encrypted and cannot be
read by any software but Spooky 2. This is to help prevent third-party profiteering on planned future frequency development, and the main database is now a DAT file.
CSV files can also be read and loaded as custom databases, and these can be edited and used normally.

How to install a main database (DAT file):
1.Either use a browser or the "Download Database" command in the Online Menu to download the database file, then quit Spooky 2.
2.Go to your Downloads folder and decompress the database if it's the ".zip" file.
3.Click on the ".dat" file to select it, then press Ctrl C on your keyboard to copy it.
4.Now navigate to the Spooky 2 folder – you know how to do this by now.
5.You'll see the older "frequencies" CSV file in the folder, and you have two choices – you can either:
✓ Drag it into the Recycle Bin, then click back into the Spooky 2 window and press Ctrl V on the keyboard to paste the new file in.

✓ Leave the existing file where it is and just press Ctrl V. The existing file will not be overwritten, but Spooky 2 will always use the DAT file automatically.
Close the window and launch Spooky 2. The new database will be loaded into memory and be available for immediate use.

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