Do I have my values correct for running chakra list?


The Chakra program set is not loaded in the right order. The correct Chakra order is:

Solar Plexus
3rd Eye
3rd Eye
Solar Plexus

Crown is loaded twice. This set and instructions was provided by a Member of the Spooky2 Forum who is an Ayurvedic doctor. It covers the full meridian path for "Coiled Power." It should be run once in 24 hours. When finished, you must "collect the power".

Application of the program:
Disconnect your Spooky Boost and attach Spooky Remote to BN Port.

At the conclusion of your session, you must always bring the energy back to your navel and collect it. 

• Collecting the energy gathers up the excess Chi in the body and stores it in the navel. 
• This collected energy is utilized by the body's own intelligence, as and when required.
• It protects your body organs from accumulating too much energy. 

To do this, concentrate on your navel as you place your right fist there. Then rotate your fist 36 times clockwise, allowing the circle to grow larger until it is no more than six inches in diameter (not higher than the heart nor lower than the pelvis). Then reverse the direction of rotation and rotate 24 times in a counterclockwise direction, gradually shrinking the circle until it returns to the navel. 

A woman reverses the order of rotation, first rotating counterclockwise 36 times and reversing the direction and shrinking the circle while rotating clockwise 24 times back to the navel. 

To determine direction imagine a clock at your navel.

Eventually you will learn to direct the Chi with your mind and will not need your fist to help you guide it. Also, if you are short on time you can collect the energy three or nine times, reversing it the same number of times.

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