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What is terrain protocol?

The Terrain Protocol prepares the terrain in your body to be more available or receptive to further Rife treatments. People often refer to "The Terrain Protocol" as if there was only one. There are actually three, Terrain - (R) BY,  Terrain-Mercury - (R) BY, and Terrain-Nonviolent - (R) BY. Each designed to help people in need.


Where are they?

Go to Presets tab and click >Detox >Remote, and you can see these three Terrain Protocols.



How different are they? Which one should you choose?

  1. Terrain - (R) BY

This preset runs for 11 days and then repeats itself.

It is a hard-hitter, which covers pretty much everything. If you want to experience a full detox and don’t have deficiency in detoxification organs, choose this one. Some people may experience a herx from this protocol, especially if they have a high viral load, or their health is compromised in some way.

     2. Terrain-Mercury - (R) BY

This preset runs for 11 days and then repeats itself.

It is a variant of the Terrain protocol, minus the mercury frequencies. This is useful for people who have mercury amalgam fillings and do not want to experience a mercury detox. If you are relatively healthy but have metal fillings, this would be the protocol to choose.

     3. Terrain-Nonviolent - (R) BY

This preset runs for 10 days and then repeats itself.

It is very gentle, just like the Terrain Protocol, but without all the presets that kill parasites. Instead, the focus is on healing and rejuvenation. If you are unwell and want to improve the function of your detoxification organs, this would be the protocol of choice. Also, if you have Candida overgrowth(which is common in Lyme), use this preset. The first two Terrain protocols may release toxins too quickly for you.



  1. These three presets can run standalone, or in conjunction with presets in '>Plasma', '>Contact', '>Coil', '>Laser' or ‘Scalar’. Go to Presets tab, click >Detox>GUIDE Terrain Protocol - Click Me.pdf for a schedule to run these presets.
  2. When running these presets, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated to aid the elimination of toxins from your body.
  3. Supplemental molybdenum would also help if you have Candida overgrowth and don’t feel well during Terrain.
  4. The advice we always give is to "listen to your body". If you start feeling lousy, stop the treatment, and give yourself a break. This applies to any type of treatments, not just Rife. Our bodies are not machines, and everybody is different.
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    molybdenum is very good advise for terrain protocol detox

    Thank you

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    Suzi smith

    Added note: Terrain has 15 presets that run over 11 days. Most advance to next preset in 24 hours. Some advances at 12 hours. The first two presets run Remove Metals for total of 48 hours then advances to preset #3.

    Its a load it and forget it program. Just as long s it advances, its working properly

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    Suzi smith

    If you have power out and lost your place in Terrain, determine what day or preset # you were on. You can input this preset # into the preset field in the control tab. This prevents having to start at the beginning.

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