Understanding when to use Inverse+Sync, Follow Out 1, Spike+Sync. I need examples of when to change. When is frequency limits of 64,000 applied? Always when killing?

Inverse+Sync: Used when using a boost to double the amplitude of a waveform and square it's power (contact). Default setting for most applications.

Follow Out 1: Used with a boost when you are going to make Out 2 different but are going to use the same waveform as Out 1. Useful for adding a static frequency, carrier wave, harmonics, etc.

Note, do not allow for doubling of the amplitude, and if Out 2 is not different, will cancel out Out 1 leaving you with no treatment frequency. Also does not require a boost, you can wire a remote to each output directly.

Alternative use: Copy out 1 to out 2 exactly so two people can get the same treatment from one generator. Requires that one wire up contact modes or two remotes (if you don't want to put nails together) to each output directly.

Spike + Sync: Used with a boost, does not work without. Uses Out 2 to inject spikes that when mixed with Out 1, create a particular waveform that incorporates both the main waveform and spikes to boost the effectiveness of a frequency. The results of the two mixed together will be displayed in the 3rd frequency window. Also, this does not allow for doubling of the amplitude.

More information regarding this setting can be read on pages 98, 104 - 106, and 144 (Spooky2 User's Guide 01022016).

Spikes typically are used for killing, but may be useful elsewhere. For instance, a spiked waveform such as square h bomb has shown to be very effective at boosting detox protocols.

Examples of when to change: Use Inverse+sync 99% of the time. If you have a working model but want to experiment if you can make it better, try adding spikes. Note, maximum amplitude will be cut in half when you add the spikes using spike+sync.

Follow Out 1 should only be used when you understand why you are about to use it. To select without a goal in mind will usually result in an ineffective treatment.

A good example of a use with a goal in mind are the spectrum sweeps. Since the sweeps have two different sweeps going on each output, they require follow out 1 to make it work.

Frequency limits of 64000 are not required in any protocol. You may wish to try this to boost all lower frequencies to higher harmonics when say killing. One will have to try both to find out which is more effective for a particular frequency set.

For more details, please check:

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