What are "Carrier waves" of Spooky2 software?

A carrier (radio frequency) is used to carry the audio frequencies (our healing frequencies) to the target, causing them to penetrate deeper. RF (radio frequencies) above about 200,000 Hertz broadcasts very well, which is why they are called radio frequencies. Frequencies between 20,000 Hz and 200,000 Hz broadcast to some degree, while frequencies below 20,000 Hz don’t broadcast at all.

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  • Dr. Rife used a radio frequency carrier of 2 to 4 MHZ mega hertz. He said that that frequency penetrated deep through all flesh to deliver the healing frequencies. With out it, the healing frequency sets will only go so deep before being dissipated at the surface of the skin.

    Why does Spooky 2 NOT use carrier frequencies ???

    Tom Robins


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