Can Spooky get rid of ants?

1. Sacrifice an ant and insert it into Spooky Remote. Run a Spectrum Sweep. Soon all the ants of the same colony will be gone.

I used 5 ant bodies in the tape and ran a continuous Spooky Spectrum Sweep. One day went by, then 2 and 3. By the 3rd day, absolutely nothing had changed. Day 4 and then on the 5th night I became totally discouraged and pulled the tape and bodies from Spooky2 and threw it away. To say I was discouraged is a complete understatement.

About mid-day on day 6 it seemed to me there were a few fewer Ants, but figured it was my imagination. Then on day 7 the same thing. On day 8 I noticed a big Daddy Longlegs Spider that had set up shop in my bathroom and was killing ants, had packed up and left. He was gone - no trace of him whatsoever and he had been there for days even hanging in when I vacuumed.

Okay I've lost track of the days now, but this morning for the first time there are no ants. NOT ONE!!!! It's like a miracle. I even left a dirty dish in my kitchen sink for a bit to see if any would come. NOTHING!!!

Now the only thing I can figure is that it just took them a little while to die. I think I read that it affects the bacteria they need to digest.

BUT here's something else. I do not hear one cricket now either. Could this have affected them too? Do they eat ants and by eating the ants would it affect them? The crickets have been a huge problem too, and I won't even get into that here.

So, if any of you have a problem with ants - you know what to do. IT WORKS!!! And I am absolutely thrilled beyond measure.

We have a specific protocol for this: This has been proven to be very effective by a lot of users.

For more details, please check the link:

2. Samples in remote on spectrum sweep 4-6 days.

For more details, please check the link:

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  •  A good way to infest ants is to to locate their nest. As they are fairly harmless, but some can bite and some can cause property damage. When we are attempting to do our own ant-colony extermination it is necessary to find the colony and kill the queen. The best way to eliminate ants is to hire a licensed and qualified pest control company like Pest Control Queens, City Pest Control Team, etc. Their first attempt is to eliminate the ants and will try to rid them from your home and garden permanently.

  • Great post!


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