How do I delete programs I have saved to my database?

1. You can go to the software, then choose database - Edit Custom database #1. Then you will see all your own programs and you can edit or delete them.

May be an image of text that says 'Spooky2 C) John White 20220707 ile Database Global Help Test Mode Utils Select Custom Database #2 Select Custom Database #3 Select Custom Database rograms Select Biofeedback Database Edit Custom Database Edit Custom Database #2 Edit Custom Database #3 Edit Custom Database Edit Biofeedback Database Refresh Database Write Database Text'

2. Go into the file explorer on your computer, then the spooky2 folder, then have a look at Data folder and Scandata folders. Also preset collections, then user folder. You can see files with the dates on and can delete them from there. Be careful not to delete anything that Spooky2 has put in. I have found that to delete completely and to get the files to disappear, I have to shut down Spooky2 and restart it. I'm no expert, so just giving my personal experience, so be very careful not to mess with other files.

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