Is there a way to plug in pads while running remote without disturbing the Remote?

  • It is recommended to not run additional programs while running terrain. It helps to know what generator you are using.
  • If it is a single generator (XM), remote, contact and Plasma are connected alone to the generator. When using Plasma through the Central unit, you can use any outputs from the Central at once.
    If it is a Generator X, then you should be able to connect Contact to one generator and Remote on the other to run two different Presets - although as she points out above, since Terrain is the first exposure to Rife, we generally recommend doing it alone the first time, then once we have an idea of our reaction, choose how much to do as we move forward. I know many are impatient to fix problems, but having a tremendous Herx reaction causing a total stop for a week will not speed things up.

For more details, please check the link: 

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