How to neutralize 5G

1. 375 kHz gated at 7.5Hz will help. (Earth atmosphere resonance gated by crystal earth resonance).

2. If you look at the whole issue of 5G and other forms of "electro-smog" from a resonance perspective, they are only harmful to you if you are within a range that which allows you to be in resonance with it. If you are able to increase your vibration high enough, those frequencies cannot have an effect on you. This is usually done with emotions, not thoughts. Pure, positive emotions of love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, etc. don't just protect you from harmful frequencies, they can heal. Negative emotions such as sadness, anger, resentment, hate, jealousy, etc. lower your vibration and bring you into resonance with harmful frequencies that can affect your physical skin suit. This doesn't just go for EMF/RF pollution either. Toxins in food, air, and water cannot affect you if you are vibrating too quickly for them. Illness and disease cannot exist in a person who is vibrating at a level where there is no effect. This is why you often see people in the same community, exposed to the same toxins, yet diseases and symptoms manifest differently for each person. Our emotional states have a MUCH stronger role in the state of our health than people are willing to acknowledge.

3. Meditation is the primary tool humans have at their disposal to achieve this yet the majority of people do not meditate at all and most of those who do have extreme difficulty achieving higher states because they are doing so with the mind and not enough with the heart. Check out the book "Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I constantly tell people I love Spooky2 technology but you have to utilize a variety of resources in order to get beyond the veil. There is no "silver bullet" that is going to rid you of all your ills. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. If you aren't working on all of those parts of the human experience simultaneously, you're going to have limited and usually temporary benefits.

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3. I have been using Schumann 7.83 to counter emf interference and it really helps!

4. Schuhmann frequency is used in music recording to neutralize emf side effects, such as when you hold your hand at the loudspeaker, this interference disappears. I am 99% sure, it neutralizes EMF radiation. I had other experience. I want to use that in patients home, so they can heal faster. Do you have an idea of how to do that? I want to run it 24/7 and for a long period. And I won’t have one person I need to send it.
I am sure Spooky2 combined with radionics can do it. But I lack the knowledge. Just a bit of medical stuff I learned. Everyone should run that in their home. And I think we can neutralize 5G towers with that too. But for that, we need to be able to set up more than 1 person to a particular location.

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