Can anyone please tell me the difference between contact, remote and plasma? Which mode is best for me?

It is a highly effective way of applying frequencies to your body and rebalances any energy that is out of tune. Spooky2 has four types of contact accessories to suit different conditions, including Spooky2 Hand Cylinders, TENS pads, TENS Contact kit, and TENS Internal Electrode.

Spooky2 Remote allows people to go wherever they want when Remote is on. The theory behind this magic is “quantum entanglement”, which Einstein called “Spooky action at a distance”.

We all know that health is important, but sometimes we simply cannot help but ignore our own health. With your DNA, Spooky2 Remote can apply frequencies at any distance to help with your unbalanced energy and health conditions.

Plasma refers to matters existing in the form of ions and electrons. You can think of it as a partially ionized and conductive gas. When the gas receives excessive energy, its electrons will break away from the nucleus, forming plasma.

Plasma is usually hot. However, through high-voltage gas discharge, cold plasma can be generated under atmospheric pressure. It contains highly active particles, such as electrons, anions, cations, and free radicals. These particles can then react with the nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor in the air to produce other active groups that can destroy tumor cells.

Different active particles have different effects on cells. We can control plasma with a precise process to relieve various health conditions. In addition, plasma avoids the side effects of drugs and makes it easier to endure the painful reactions of pathogens. Plasma will never cause any damage to healthy tissue.

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