Can I generate colloidal gold using Spooky2?

1. The better choice is to choose the CS preset in the dropdown program preset menu. I have not yet made colloidal silver with Spooky2 but when I do, I will choose the CS preset. You may wish to search the forum to see if they have information on making colloidal gold.

2. I have made a lot of colloidal gold. Basically, you can do colloidal gold with a colloidal silver maker. It just needs its time. If you do it with Spooky2 you might run it for a week with the colloidal silver preset. To increase electric conductivity put a little bit of colloidal silver in the distilled water. Otherwise, it would take ages to produce the colloidal gold. The experience I have with others and myself with the freshly made colloidal gold of very good quality is that it gives you a lot of energy - sometimes so much that you can hardly sleep. It improves the conductivity within your neuro plexus. Your performance becomes much better and thoughts are clearer. It also blocks a pro-inflammatory protein. What many do not know: We all have a bit of gold in us, most of it in the brain.

3. I have made good quality colloidal copper with Spooky2 frequencies. I am now seeing if I can do the same for nano colloidal gold.


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