What option is the best for Lyme, mold and Morgellons?

1. Buy what you can afford. I started with two generators. Over time I have built up my generators.

If you can afford it, I would get one GX which has two generators in one and then supplement with XM. Don’t forget a remote and boost for each additional generator.

If you can afford Plasma or Scalar that is great, but I still don’t have those. My Lyme is in remission with just the generators.

I would wisely begin with one XM Generator, one Boost, one Pulse Finger Clip, one Spooky2 TENS cable plus TENS Pads. You will have enough to deal with, and super results with Lyme have been founded.

A lot depends on the financial and time you have to work with it. If you have the time to do a lot of contact sessions then, Plasma or Scalar can be good. I am lucky to still work full time, so only wanted to do remote treatments. For me, GX, with the faster biofeedback method was very important. You can start with the GX kit, so you have all the accessories you would need to use with it. If funds still available I would add two more XM Generators with Boost and Remotes. That would give you the four gens recommended for the faster remote treatment option. Just really need to decide first how much time / which treatment protocols you want to use, that with available finances will tell you what equipment you will need.

2. For Rife therapy to kill: Spooky2 Plasma GX Kit. It would be well suited to get 2 XM Remote kits.

The scalar device is a healing device. It repairs and restores the body.

But overall, one buys what they can afford. I personally think the minimum would be to start with the GX and add from there.

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