What to do if I go on vacation when running Morgellons and Lyme Graded Protocol

1. Just leave the remotes running and resume the protocol when you get back. If you leave remotes “running” the protocol is still running.

2. The M&L protocol takes 5 hours a day with Plasma, one has to be dedicated, you can log your days in an excel spreadsheet.

3. I travel between Boston and Florida a lot. When I’m in Florida I run on remote and I use TeamViewer to log into my laptop. Sometimes I just check to see it’s still running and other times I can pause if I’m having a reaction/Herx. First time before leaving, I logged in, noted my log in name and password. Then as long as I don’t close team viewer in my iPad, just minimize, I can log in again multiple times. Got everything running well before actually leaving town.

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