How long to do frequencies? How long should I run a program without feeling results before I give up on it? To stop the program when you stop having a reaction to it, good or bad?

1. That would depend on your program, and if you expect to feel results? I know that I have felt results immediately sometimes, just by a weirdness or a warmness or maybe even a vibration in the area of discomfort. Then again, there were those times that took several days to notice the difference as it was more subtle.

The next question would be what modality are you using, the example is contact? remote or plasma? or maybe even the new scalar? That would give us an idea of the intensity of the application. Also it would depend on healing? or killing? and what is it for actually? All these will make the answer of time dependent on your answer. I would give three days as the minimum for almost everything no matter the modality depending on time per session of course. I have done 2 hours for 3 days and I have done 6 hours for five days, just depends on the severity and what you are hoping to achieve.

I apologize, but everything is dependent on your particular circumstances as long as possible is my answer, depending on your reactions to the application. If for me it is a BFB pulse scan, I usually run the plasma for 5 days, then somewhere after that do another scan. Lately, I am just picking things to try and running those just to get out of another BFB scan and to keep the plasma running. Our bodies almost always have streptococcus of some form or fashion in it, so I like running ALL of those and staph as well.

2. If I was remote only I would do seven to fourteen days non-stop. Since the remote is really unproven and we all are assuming the frequencies get applied to our DNA through a scalar transmission somehow, we do not truly know the application strength and actually "how" it applies itself. But folks on this board and elsewhere have all stated it works or they think it works, but times may vary per individual, and maybe even certain applications may not work on occasion. So I would err on the side of longer is better, meaning several weeks as far as killing and healing? Well, they are one and the same, and by that I mean you are just applying the frequencies to the DNA so whatever the frequency does is what it does. If it is a MOR (mortal oscillatory Rate) of a bad guy, then it will kill it over time depending on the strength or how close the MOR is to the frequency you are applying. It will also have an unknown component due to we do not truly know how the frequencies apply to the DNA through scalar, so that may take more time etc. But if it is a healing frequency of an organ or system then it will assist the organ through Entrainment, and if the frequency matches a baddy, then it will deactivate the baddy if it resonates too long and increases in amplitude due to resonating.

Herxing.... it is a thing, isn't it? the question is, how comfortable are you? Obviously, the herxing effect is a serious thing, if you feel too bad, then stop, as you feel better, start back up. Just use your judgment like you have all your life and you will be fine. As far as direct questions to Lyme protocol, I will leave that to folks who have used it. I have never herxed real bad, and I have had some serious sessions with six-hour runs with plasma phanotron. I have not really known to need a break from running the remote. My remote has been running nonstop for a year, well except for when I changed the program. same with my other remotes for family members. so when you stop if you "feel" you need to then just do it. and then restart when you feel better. no worries, you can restart where you stopped or restart over, or you can pause then unpause when you feel like it, no worries.

Do not let things get you down, trust in your inner judgment like you always have, that inner voice that you have listened to all your life, and you will be fine. candida is a good one due to everyone has it. Also, another one to do is streptococcus as I think that is another one that everyone has at some point in their body, just hanging out. To me, it sounds like you are doing great and are killing off baddies, which is helping your body to fight other things more efficiently.

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