A simplified Morgellons & Lyme protocol

I created a simplified Morgellons and Lyme protocol based heavily on using graded scans. The existing Morgellons and Lyme protocol is 85 preset you need to run, plus running a full system scan and incorporating those scans into your presets. Earlier I provided an online tool to help with creating those edited preset, but now I have an even easier way to run the Morgellons protocol.

This protocol is called Morgellons and Lyme Graded protocol. It has every frequency that is in the current Morgellons and Lyme protocol, but you don't necessarily run all these frequencies. Instead, you use grading to find the relevant frequencies and only run those relevant frequencies on your generators.

To run this protocol, ideally you want 3 generators -- 2 to run remote presets, and 1 for either Contact or Plasma. If you only have 2 generators, you can still run this protocol, but you have to timeshare your Generator 2 between a Remote preset and a Contact/Plasma preset.

So what do we have instead of the 85 Morgellons and Lyme presets in this protocol? The simple answer: 9 (or 12 for Spooky Pulse) graded biofeedback presets, and a utility to take the biofeedback results and create 3 preset - one for Remote, one for Plasma, and one for Contact. Plus there is a prebuilt preset that runs on Remote all the time. So 9-12 graded biofeedback preset, and 3 presets you run, one of which you never change. The 2 presets that run on remote, these send different frequencies to Out 2, so these 2 generators are operating as 4 generators. The Contact preset also send different frequencies to Out 1 and Out2, so this ought to cut down the time you need to spend on Contact treatment. For Plasma, there is no way to send 2 frequencies at once to Spooky Central/Plasma, because one of the Outputs is used for modulation to achieve the beat frequency effect.

I've broken down the Morgellons and Lyme protocols to nine sections: Viruses, Biofilm, Co-infection, Other Bacteria, Fungus and Mold, Simple Parasites, Complex Parasites, Body Sites and Biotech, and Infrastructure. On Generator X, these graded scans run in a minute or less. For Spooky Pulse, I needed to break the Infrastructure section into 4 parts, each being 20 minutes. The Spooky Pulse graded scan times are between 10 to 30 minutes. The Generator X graded scan times are between 0.25 to 1 minute.

A utility (pictured below) is included with this protocol. This tool is called the Morgellons and Lyme Graded Utility. It installs the graded biofeedback scan presets, and will create a Remote, Contact, and Plasma preset from your scan results read from BFB_Frequencies.csv.

Below is a PDF document that describes the protocol, scheduling, and the use of the utility. This same PDF document is installed into \User\Morgellons and Lyme Graded\.
GUIDE M&L Graded - Click Me.pdf

This is an archive that contains the installer for the utility. One you run the Utility, click "Install Biofeedback Preset" to install the graded scan presets in to \User\Biofeedback\Morgellons and Lyme Graded\. The presets you run on your generators are in \User\Morgellons and Lyme Graded\.
Morgellons and Lyme Graded Utility.msi.1.0.0140.zip

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    Theo Coles

    Looks good!

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    Hello Penny,

    Am sure what you shared is great, but as someone that works with people that have lyme,CFIDS,FIbromyalgia,Neuro disease,can share that their cognitive ability for understanding complex directions can be very limited. I think you need to come up with a much simpler form of this program to reach these people. If they cant  do the programs, they will not get used,

    Often when people are very ill,their cognitive ability is decreased, leaving then with foggy and disoriented thinking, the very people needing the protocols the most.

    I see, two solutions- simpler programs for them or having a service where someone experienced in setting it up can do so remotely with the person.


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