Does spooky2 have an option for the frequencies to "waver" back and forth over the dialed up frequency, so that if any viruses, bacteria or pathogens have mutated up or down slightly in frequency, the frequency dialed up will catch them as well.

Yes, the software does implement wobbles. You can perform many different types detailed in the users guide, both in shape and in what frequencies are used in the wobble.

For instance on a standard frequency wobble, you can use a triangle, sawtooth, or inverted sawtooth pattern, with user definable percentage and number of steps.

On the other hand you could also elect to use one of the built in ones like: Fibonacci 14 Stage Wobble, +- .02% Feathering, or Octave 3 Step Ramp Down.

There are 30 types to choose from.

Also, you can elect if you did not add a wobble to a program, to add one on the fly for whatever frequency you are on. However, it will sit on the same frequency till you decide you have had enough wobble time and turn it back off.

For more details, please check the link:

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