I want to transfer many custom programs on my old rife machine to Spooky2. The text files are transferred through a 9 pin serial port, not through USB. Will this transfer method affect the files or can I just convert them to CSV and copy to Spooky2?

A CSV file is just one that has data fields separated by commas -- comma separated values.

As such, you will need to translate the pertinent data from your other rife text files over into the format the Spooky2 requires for reading in the information.

The information saved in the custom database file, which defaults to c:\spooky2\custom.csv, only contains the frequencies and the dwell times along with a description and name.

The format for the CSV files is detailed in the section Database Menu in the user guide. This will be near page 85 depending on the version of the guide you have.

An example of the format is as follows:

"Name",CUST,00,"Add your own notes here.","123456,654321,",,,180

As for the other information regarding what waveform, amplitude, etc., that may be contained in the text file from your other rife machine, this will need to be recreated by hand in the settings tab. You can then either save this as a shell preset that you can add the frequency information to or as a fully setup preset with the frequency program already loaded.

As for the 9 pin serial port transfer, this is the actual way a serial port works. There are even older 25 pin serial port connections from the late 80s, but they still only used 9 pins of the 25.

Today, a serial connection over USB is just emulated; but in all cases, serial connections send just one bit of data at a time. Parallel port connections would transfer 8 bits of data at a time, hence the term parallel port. Hence, this mode of communication your old rife machine uses has no bearing on the data that you get out of it.

I hope this helps you get the information translated in a way that can be utilized by Spooky2. Aside from the settings, the most pertinent information would be the frequencies as you can elect to deviate from how your other rife machine generated those frequencies and try various configurations that Spooky2 offers.

For more details, please check the link from:

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