Can a Spooky2 replace a multiple wave oscillatior(MWO)?

1. From a quick perspective:

The Spooky2 system has at its core a frequency generation device (the generator) and a transmission mode (contact, remote, plasma).

A MWO is a particularly specific type of transmission method at its core.

If you were able to build the transmission means, you could use the generator from Spooky2 to drive it -- still will require a massive amplifier to generate the voltages the MWO requires. Thus you could also then use the software to run specific programs through an MWO.

At this time, Spooky2 does not have an MWO in its arsenal of offerings.

From a more analytical perspective:

Can it replace it as have the same efficacy via another transmission means?

Perhaps. I can not answer from experience.

I was able to replicate a Schumann Resonator over remote with the same measured results that one would obtain from a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field transmission method.

So sometimes the method is not as important as the frequencies.

However, at the same time PEMF can produce results that a frequency alone can not.

An MWO operates at high voltages and as for the output, most certainly contains electromagnetic fields if not more. I'd have to dig a bit to find out specifically what it generates.

2. Check this out, it appears there is an experimental preset that may come close:

3. The question one needs to then ask and answer is, does the primary effect one seeks from an MWO result in having all frequencies broadcast at once, or is there a specific combination of frequencies that result in the effrct ?

If it is the latter, then it may be reproducible via Spooky2. I believe that the issue is that no one has taken the time to extract the fundamental mechanism behind the MWO as so few have even used one.

One major misconception is that the Spooky2 generator is only capable of generating a single frequency at a time. This is not true. While it can not generate 0 - 25 MHz at once, it routinely generates 384 frequencies at once (as an example) with the same power levels, when one utilizes the spectrum sweeps. 192 frequencies per output combined by a boost.

That is plenty of bandwidth if the effect is generated by just a subset of frequencies.

For more details, please check the link from:

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