Do I need to change my diet before I can start to use spooky2? I've read that to Rife you need cut out sugar, meat, dairy etc is this true?

1. While there are general benefits to changing your diet, I don't remember reading in the User Guide about requiring a clean diet prior to using the Spooky equipment...

I think the pathogens die due to the application of frequency. A clean diet may make it harder for the pathogens to remain or to rebuild a colony, however.

2. For anyone seeking better health, diet is one of the many components to health. But I don't believe it says anywhere what your friend is saying. Some benefit by following the Blood Type Diet and may need meat. But meat should be "clean" unprocessed, from animals not fed steroids and antibiotics or "garbage" foods. Dairy for some may be good but only if it is raw from a farm. Once it is pasteurized, the protein has been altered and is no longer beneficial. And sweets should be limited by all from what I have learned - only limited not overly ripe fruits. And then there is the issue of fats. People are afraid of fats but we need healthy fats which even include saturated fats as opposed to vegetable oils which usually are or become rancid very rapidly.

3. My wife went to a German-trained BICOM Bioresonance therapist who advised cutting out sugar, white processed foods (eg white pasta) and white bread, and junk food and processed meals. The therapist advised high doses of vitamin C, turmeric, lots of good water with a lemon slice in it, extra magnesium, selenium, iodine (very important for breast and prostate) - our food no longer has iodine, and fluoride leaches out what little iodine we have....
Heavy detox may call for chlorella or charcoal....
Her list was endless (and expensive!); but you've got the idea: Build up and strengthen your immune system etc.

4. Depends what you are using Spooky for. If you are treating for cancer, going ketogenic is a must, because cancer feeds off sugars. As Joe says, it is a good idea to change your diet anyway, since science is realizing that what goes on in the digestive system plays a massive influence on the body and its immune system. I went on a Bicom training course, my overall impression was that it was too reliant upon kenisiology type diagnostics, and as such too susceptible of operator error. Spooky has its feet anchored in science.

5. Some very good suggestions in this thread. However, for me the most important thing to realize was this: what you buy in a supermarket is not food but food-like substances. What made the biggest difference for me was switching to an all-organic diet five years ago. People say that this is expensive. Yet today I spend LESS on my weekly shopping than I did when I used to order from a supermarket chain. When you're getting all the nutrition you need from what you're eating, I found you actually need to eat less of it, so I now have just a large breakfast and a large dinner, and skip lunch entirely because I'm just not hungry.

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