Has anyone else had mystery crashes since connecting spooky? I have had two computers go down and both require a boot disk.

1. How far does the boot go? Have you got a boot menu which will allow safe mode (F8), or the F12 for options.
W7 uses a hidden partition, drive X:\ for drivers at startup.

Some computers have a reset back to the original as supplied, if you have original hard disks.

2. I also run Spooky2 software on several machines with NO PROBLEM! However I must add that having run a COMPUTER BUSINESSS with major clients like AMEX, Met Life etc. and having taken over 5000 service calls, I saw enough to know NOT to load ANY MISSION CRITICAL SOFTWARE only on a computer that has been freshly erased, reprogrammed, and NEVER put on the internet!

One machine I built has run it's software flawlessly for eight years!

I'd guess that you have a virus and spread it from computer to computer via USB, internet, or some other file sharing mechanism.

I suggest that you wipe a hard drive, install windows XP, and then install spooky2. XP can be had for as little as 99 cents on ebay! You can get computers for next to nothing or free from recycling centers. Spooky2 runs with very little horsepower!

Do this and I am 97% certain your problems will go away! Just do not cross contaminate and do not trust antivirus software AFTER you have problems. Todays viral loads are so powerful, antivirus can only be considered as a PREVENTION not a cure, and NOT a great prevention at that!

I do a ton of high tech stuff, scientific stuff, medical research, design, inventing, and I have NOT found anything that will not run on Windows XP! I NUKE my hard drives and install XP on NEW computers I buy! The newer windows operating systems are way bloated and overblown! My opinion, they are just a way to increase spying on people through their computer, and to make more money! AND A RIP OFF! WHY? Sit down before I say this.

I have WINDOWS 98, and am getting ready to install it on a machine! W H Y?? Roland music creation software! I also compose music, This Roland software originally cost great deal of money. It ran on Win98. When Msoft came out with Windows XP, Roland would no longer work. Without a expensive upgrade to the Roland, (that had to be fixed due to Msoft monkey business in their OS), I would not be able to use software that cost MORE THAN WINDOWS AND THE COMPUTER COMBINED!

This happens all the time! People get suckered into the latest OS and learn it is really a bloated pig downgrade!

Some of my major clients like U.S. Govt. and state agencies and Insurance companies still use Windows XP! IF IT AIN'T BROKE DO NOT SPEND A MILLION DOLLARS IN TECH SUPPORT TO FIX IT AFTER CRAPPY OS UPGRADES! A while back the whole government of Germany dumped Windows completely and went to using linux to get away from the Msoft BS! Ballmer went flying off the Germany to cut some deal to get them back! not sure what became of it!

At any rate, I consider my research (AND HEALTH) and such way too valuable to install and run any mission critical software on a ,machine that has not first been erased and reprogrammed (with whatever OS you like). Then since I AM DEALING WITH MY HEALTH I would NEVER put such a machine on the internet! The CHIPS in your Spooky Generators CAN BE REPROGRAMMED easily and remotely! (ANOTHER FORUM MEMBER PROVED THIS ALREADY!) Poorly running Windows software can make whatever you are running misbehave and inaccurate as well!

Be wise. Have a machine just for research and keep it off the net! Have a separate machine for games and all that chit chatroom, VISITING SPOOKY FORUM, and email, etc.

For more details, please check the link:

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