I notice when I run the remote mode 24/7, my laptop seems to overheat and shut down. I see that the generators are still working and when I press the on button on the laptop, the spooky2 program is there. Does that matter?

1. When the computer is no longer on, the software can no longer run to tell the generator what to do next.

The generator does not download the entire program and run autonomously. Rather, Spooky2 will send a command every time something needs to change. Usually this is at a minimum a frequency change every 3 minutes.

When your computer shut down, the generators would just sit happily performing the last instruction they were given -- meaning the last frequency sent will continue to transmit until you shut the generators down as well.

This static frequency state over time can cause one to feel less than ideal, otherwise known as frequency poisoning.

If your laptop is overheating, the vents may be clogged and require cleaning to restore proper ventilation.

Just in case, check to ensure that your computer is not going to sleep.

2. All PCs use fans to suck in cool air to prevent overheating of processors, then blow it out another vent. Over time, dust and lint in the air will settle inside the PC and eventually block the flow of cool air. If you know how to open your laptop, you can use a can of compressed air (NOT a vacuum cleaner) to get rid of it. If not, a small computer repair shop should be able to do it for you at a reasonable price.

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