Do you find you get better results running one freq on yourself at a time or multiple at a time? Is there a limit to how many freq/remotes you use on yourself at a time?

I have 8 parallel frequencies running on 5 individuals. There are other devices out there that also can produce up to 8 frequencies at once, so I kind of drew the line at 8 as a reasonable limit.

The reason behind 8 is that I have 8 different programs running that are not in a position to be combined. Furthermore, since a remote program should be limited to 4 hours of frequencies per loop or less, there would be no way to stack them all into say 4 generators.

The alternative would be that I would have to choose when to run 1/2 of them vs. the other 1/2.

How many generators you use in remote mode has a lot to do with what you are trying to accomplish.

I started out with 2 generators, and although I ordered 2 more a week later, started out with just one going as I got up to speed, then ran 2 generators, then got all 4 up and running over time. I could tell that there was distinct added efficacy as I added more generators to the mix.

Now I have 9 generators, of which I have 8 going all the time on remote mode. Of those 8 generators, I can tell when I shut one down or when I change the program that is running on a single generator.

For instance, I have one running Overall Dental Health 24/7. It acts like an energetic toothbrush to myself and my family. When I tried changing it to only run 16 hrs a day, the 8 hours it was not running you could feel a distinct change in the how fast the mouth built up bacterial debris. Also my daughter who was dealing with bad breath due to some baby teeth that was addressed by the dentist, did not have bad breath while this program ran. However, it would return if I shut the program down within a day even with generous brushing. Thankfully she has lost those baby teeth now and the source of the problem is gone.

On another generator, I have the Kundalini preset running 24/7. If I shut this one generator down, to say make room for a targeted killing program, my neck pain returns and I have to deal with it. The other 7 generators are not running anything to address this issue of mine, thus this behavior is expected.

Each generator seems to add to the entire whole, and I have not personally experienced any canceling of one program by running another.

On those 8 generators, I have 5 individuals on all 8 of the generators, with 2 more added for a total of 7 on one generator, and one more added for 6 on the last generator. None have reported issues being on that many generators.

I know of a few who have even more generators than I, and no issues reported by them either.

If you elect to run just one generator, you will only obtain the effects of the single frequency program you are running. I do not think that by sticking to just one generator you will improve the efficacy of said program.

Keep in mind that the major protocols use 4 generators for a reason. One generator is designated to support while 3 generators are doing parallel killing modalities so that what takes 3-6 months does not take 3/4 - 1.5 years.

At the same time, there are those who are very sensitive to the effects of a single generator, and may find their limit at say 2 generators. It really depends on the individual.

For more details, please check the link:

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