When the Settings tab reads Amplitude: Output 1: 20v, Output 2: 20v. You are using a boost, does that mean you are getting: Output 1: 40v, Output 2: 40v. Does the computer program recognize that the "boost" is being used, thus doubling the voltage?

Each output is limited to 20v peak to peak. Meaning it can go up to +10v and down to -10v.

When we use the boost to combine both ports, and only when everything matches (frequency, waveform, amplitude) and we use inverse+sync for Out 2, can we effectively combine both outputs to double this.

Then the singular output from one port of the boost will be 40v peak to peak. Meaning it can go up to +20v and down to -20v.

There is no way to extract 40v peak to peak from each output since both have to be combined to achieve this, and thus 80v peak to peak is also off the table.

This 40v peak to peak is available on the High Power, CS, MN and BN ports. The Out 1 and Out 2 ports on the boost are pass through ports to the generator and will always still be limited to 20v peak to peak.

Also, if you plug more than one device into the Boost, you will split this power back out across all devices plugged in, effectively reducing the power available.

As for the difference between the High Power Contact port and the CS port is in current flow.

While they both will achieve 40v peak to peak, the current is limited on the CS port due to a 10k Ohm resistor that is wired inline with this port. This ensures that current does not flow to freely.

Two advantages come from this resistor. It helps to provide a better CS production experience and if used for contact, limits how much current can flow into the body reducing the resonance effect where you feel the lower frequencies (below 10 kHz) and ensures a safer contact experience.

The reason the High Power Port now exists, is that devices like the PEMF coil need as much current as possible and the CS port was not sufficient for this device. The advantage to using this port for contact sessions is that high frequency harmonics are not filtered out by the resistor of the CS port, which for some may be a wanted effect.

I should also note that when you use the boost, and the waveform, frequency, amplitude does not match, that the effect is that both outputs are still combined.

However, instead of doubling the amplitude, the two outputs are added together.

It is a lot like what happens when you have two people talk to you at once. You still hear both people speak as both sounds were added together by your ear into a singular signal that contained the essence of both sources.

For more details, please check the link:

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