Is it still OK to take a break for a day as long as I finish a specified preset of Morgellons Protocol? Is it ok to skip those evenings and resume the next day?

Breaks are OK. Where efficacy could be lost is in the timing of those breaks.

If you were to break between steps that are different, and the break is not so long as to allow the condition it targeted to re-manifest, then there should be no issue. Most of the protocols address steps in an order that build on each other.

However, if you are say doing a 2 day detox of metals, and you break between the two days, then the efficacy of the detox will be reduced.

It would still be better to keep moving through and obtain what time you can where you can, then to completely put the process off till timing is just right.

You can always come back and repeat the process.

Additionally, if you have everyone in the remote portion of the protocol, there will still be this aspect addressing the targets. While you will if unable to participate in the plasma session, miss out on the added efficacy that plasma affords, the remote will still be working in the background and benefit can be had.

If you plan on just taking a 2 day break between steps, this should work out just fine. The protocol will just take and progress at a slower pace. I'd keep the remotes running during this time.

For more details, please check the link:

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