I've update my spooky2 with the "new" interface. I went to the presets window - detox- remote - terrain. I failed to use all the presets in the 3 of my images.

1. The preset labeled as 2 is only the first one of the chain.
In 3 you have all the presets contained in the chain. If you run the chain, when preset #1 is finished, Spooky2 will load the next following preset, until the last one is reached, and then it will stop.

2. We can set the Spooky2 software to run groups of 'killing' or 'healing' frequencies automatically, unattended, perhaps for days or weeks, by using the 'Remote' mode whereby we’re not physically attached to the Spooky generator.

Nevertheless, there are times when automatic isn't appropriate, where we may want to change some of a treatment's parameters without starting from scratch by selecting the different frequencies, waveforms, wobble, and so on. Here's a quick summary of how to load, run and vary frequency sets out of sequence.

Figure 1: Preset Tab – a 'Terrain' Detox preset selected

Firstly, select (for example) the Remote mode detox Preset 'Terrain (R) – BY'
(In this example, you would have first have selected '>Detox' then '>Remote' in the 'Presets' pane.)

In the figure, the Remote Terrain Preset is selected in the 'Presets' pane (1).

(2) indicates the first frequency set ' 1. Remove Metals' loaded in the ‘Programs’ pane.

(3) shows that you have loaded the 'Terrain (R) - BY' preset containing 15 programs of frequency sets (use the scroll bar to see all).

(4) shows the duration of time you need to run all the frequencies ONE time.

(5) shows the 'Notes' pane which contains any text appropriate to the selected preset.

Whilst this is very handy, in the real world, sometimes we need to stop and start our frequencies manually.

For example, we may have completed eight days of an eleven day 'Remote' detox Terrain protocol running the 'Remote' method to constantly deliver frequencies— but then we might develop a toothache that needs Spooky's immediate attention.

Having completed a set of frequencies dealing with our toothache, how do we now resume the ninth day of our eleven-day detox program, where we left off?

If we re-load the preset 'Terrain (R)' then we're back at the beginning of the list of frequencies beginning with '1. Remove Metals'

But we've already completed the first eight sets of frequencies that took eight days and we’re in a rush to complete the detox so as to get on with our healing programs!

How can we jump back in the remote 'Terrain' program to where we were running the ninth frequency set '11.2 Lymphatic System 2' ?

If we click on the 'Control' tab then we can find the controls that we need to run frequencies out of their normal sequence.

Figure 2: Control Tab: Modify the Sequence of Presets

Click the ‘Control’ tab.

We first need to ensure the two ‘Overwrite’ check boxes - see (2) in the figure - are checked so as to replace any previous settings with what we have newly selected in the ‘Preset’ or ‘Settings’ tabs.

Once we click the red generator button we can see that the 'Generator' pane is displayed in the figure, see (1), showing the generator number and the preset loaded into this generator (which is repeated in the pane to the right of the frequency pane).

The 'Frequency' pane (untitled) displays each frequency in the current Preset.

This display shows us what each of the Spooky2 generator is doing in real time.

(3) shows the list of loaded frequencies, the top one being the current frequency.

(4) shows various duration times.

Now consider the fields at (5) in the figure:

- Dwell: frequency duration in hours, minutes, typically seconds
- Step: each step is the next frequency value in the preset
- Preset: a program may have more than one preset in a chain

The corresponding 'Totals' fields show the values corresponding to the currently selected preset ('1. Remove Metals).

Note that not ALL frequency sets and values for this chain are displayed – only those for the current preset '1. Remove Metals' are visible – the other program frequencies in the 'Terrain' preset are only visible for each program when it is actually is running.

So how do we select a different program in the currently loaded preset (or chain)?

The Dwell, Step, and Preset fields are editable – so just by entering a number in the 'Preset' field, you can load the frequencies for any preset number.

Going back to our original problem, I now want to continue my interrupted 'Terrain (R)' preset —
but this time, to continue starting the ninth day of the detox program.

From the 'Terrain (R)' notes in the 'Preset' tab, you can see that day 9 is: '9: Kidney Function 2, Cleanse Blood'.

Therefore, enter '9' in the 'Preset' field (then press Tab) and the 'Kidney Function 2, Cleanse Blood' preset is loaded with the associated frequencies displayed in the Frequencies pane.

Note, that you can even change the current preset half-way through a preset run, but you must first press the ‘Pause button to change the field.

The 'Control' tab takes a while to update itself with new settings so when using the 'Start', 'Stop', 'Pause' buttons then you will need to wait for a few seconds for the screen to display the most current data.

Duration Parameters

At the bottom of the 'Programs tab in the Options pane you can find field values that affect the time of treatment.

Run your mouse cursor over the numbers to view the Tooltip descriptions for each of these values.

You can alter these variables to suit the time to complete a frequency, preset, program or chain of frequencies.

You can use the 'Dwell Multiplier value to multiply the number of seconds spent for each frequency. So, for example if you entered '2' for this value then all frequency durations will be doubled.

Other Parameters to Change

One other important treatment parameter we may wish to change 'on-the-fly' might be the amplitude (or voltage).

To do this, if the generator is running then in the 'Control' tab first click 'Stop'.

Select the 'Settings' tab and change the value in the Amplitude field to, for example '10'.

Then switch back to the Control tab to confirm that the voltage has indeed changed to 10 volts as shown in the Generator Output pane.

For more details, please check the link:

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