Are entrainment frequencies intended to be run forever, or did I just not run them long enough to have a lasting effect?

My feelings on entrainment frequencies are as follows.

It took time to get to where you find yourself now. Using a guiding frequency to restore health, it will take time to get back to 100%. However, the source of the issue must also be addressed in order to eliminate a relapse. Perhaps with enough time using an entrainment frequency, the body will be able to overcome the source of the issue entirely and then be able to maintain restored health on its own. However, it would be prudent to try and identify the source and deal with it directly.

For instance, I have arthritis in my neck. I have been dealing with this for over 20+ years and it has gotten progressively worse over this time. I run the Kundalini preset which has greatly improved my situation. I no longer wake up and require a 20 minute session of neck adjustments just to ensure I can function for the day.

If I stop using the entrainment frequencies, the very next day I start to revert and experience much discomfort, and by day 3 I'm back to having migraines induced by the stress in my neck.

However, while it is running, each day is progressively a better day till I get to the point I think I no longer have it. Meanwhile when I can, I try running targeted sets towards my condition, and try to find and eliminate anything in my diet that doesn't help. Pretty sure that when I used to drink soda, that the bad juju in this drink would build up in my neck and contribute greatly to my demise.

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